About Me

My passion for coding started when I created fan sites for music artists in my youth, using drag-and-drop platforms like Angelfire and Geocities*, and later teaching myself HTML and CSS. After going to school for PR and becoming a project manager-turned-product manager for 11 years, I realized it was time for a career change and enrolled in App Academy.

Now, as a full-stack software engineer, I'm building dynamic web applications, applying the professional skills I've developed over the years, and—more importantly—finally pursuing that childhood passion of mine.

*Yes, I’m dating myself here.




Live  |  GitHub Repo

Plant marketplace community platform

Solo project using JavaScript, ExpressJS, React, Redux, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The Paw

The Paw

Live  |  GitHub Repo

Pet-friendly business review platform

Three-member group project using Python, Flask, JavaScript, React, Redux, Google Maps API, AWS


Languages & Frameworks

JavaScript ExpressJS JSON Python Flask React Redux HTML5 CSS3


PostgreSql Sequelize Sqlalchemy SQLite

Other Tools & Technologies

Git GitHub Node.js npm VSCode Amazon Web Services (AWS)

When I'm Not Coding...

...all while unapologetically jamming to Taylor Swift.

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